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The scope of the services that the firm provides is multidimensional. Its consultancy service includes:

Water Supply System Study & Design

Contract Administration & Construction Supervision

Water Resources Study

Irrigation, Drainage Study and Design

Road and Bridge Study & Design

Socio – Economic and Management Studies

Remote Sensing, Surveying & GIS Services


DH Consult


DH Consult was registered as company with Addis Ababa Trade and Tourism Bureau and Ministry of Infrastructure Construction Sector, and started operation in year 2000. And subsequently:Reorganized and upgraded in January 2003 as Grade IV Water Resources Consultant,

Reorganized for the second time and upgraded in May 2006 and registered with the Ministry of Water Resources as General Water Resources Consultant Category III.

Reorganized and upgraded as DH Consult in September, 2010

Reorganized & Upgraded as Water Resources Consultant Category I in January 2012


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The firm is currently establishing and implementing Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and third party Certification is awarded by GTZ IS office which was supervising the Quality Management System.

Water Resources Study

The firm uses the most recent techniques and software developed in the field to conduct groundwater investigation and study. Remote Sensing, Aerial Photography Interpretation, Field Survey and Geophysical Investigation using

Contract Administration and Construction Supervision

The firm has ample experience in carrying out construction supervision works using standard procedures and methods. The firm utilizes in-house and external best practices to ensure timely quality accomplishments

Irrigation, Drainage and Hydropower Development

DH Consult has nationwide experience and capability to study, plan, design, implement and provide advice on the operation of all types of irrigation and drainage development projects including:

Social and Environmental Studies

The Consultant also conducts social and environmental studies for various interest groups. This includes Irrigation Projects, Water Supply and Sanitation Projects, Industrial Projects etc…

Water Supply and Sanitation Development

Feasibility Study, Detail Design of the water supply system is the major activity of the firm. Under the Water Supply and Sanitation Development the following activities have been done. These include study and design of:

Socio-economy and Management Studies

The Socio-economic and Management studies in most cases are integrated into the core studies conducted by the firm.  As distinct from this integration, however, various activities like

Roads & Bridges

Road design is also one of the activities of the firm. The firm has category III Road and Bridge Consultancy Service. The work ranges from the feasibility study and design of Roads to their construction supervision.

Remote Sensing, Surveying and GIS Services

The consultant also provides planning and execution of surveys for locations, design, construction, operation and maintenance of Civil and other Engineering Projects.


“DH consult aspire to become a center of excellence and model international consultant in Water Resources, Agriculture, Road and Energy Development sectors”.


  • To provide our customers with quality consultancy service
  • To achieve customer satisfaction by using the state of the art technology in the fields of Water Resource, Agriculture, Road, and Energy Development sectors.

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