Water Supply and Sanitation Development

Feasibility Study, Detail Design of the water supply system is the major activity of the firm. Under the Water Supply and Sanitation Development the following activities have been done. These include study and design of:

  • Rising and Transmission main
  • Treatment plant
  • Reservoirs
  • Pumping stations
  • Distribution system etc,

Rising and Transmission Mains Design 

Design of water transmission mains for domestic and industrial water supplies including ancillary works like pumping units, pressure regulating units, etc. are carried by the firm. The design of the Transmission main is conducted for all water supply projects handled by the water supply & sanitation department. 


Spring Box and River Crossing Designed and Supervised DCI Pipe Laying


Bedele Water Supply Project                                                                    Nekemt Water Supply project


Designed and Supervised Surface Water Treatment Plant


Water Supply Treatment Plants Design


Municipal Water Supply Treatment Plants were designed & supervised for Metehara, Bedele & Nekemt Water Supply Projects by the water supply and sanitation Department


Reservoir and Distribution Network Design


The firm has been doing the designs and conducted analysis and design of reinforced concrete reservoirs ranging from 100m3 to 2,500m3 capacities, Elevated Reservoirs of more than 25m height and 250m3 capacities and Pressure Break Structures of various sizes.














Designed and supervised 250M3 Elevated Reservoir                                      Designed and Supervised 1000m3 Reservoir                                       


Study & Design of Several Water Supply & Sanitation Projects were conducted by the Water Supply and Sanitation Department. Some activities include:

  • Detail Design of Water supply system for Sebeta/Addis Ababa – Djibuti Railways station which includes (Sebeta, Lebu, Endode (Akaki) Bishoftu, Modjo, Adama, Metehara, Awash
  • Detail Design of Bishoftu (Debrezeit), Modjo and Ciro (Asebe Teferi) towns
  • Detail Design of Hututa and Limugenet Towns
  • Feasibility Study and Detail Design of four towns (Arbaminch, Sawula, Halaba and Tepi)
  • Feasibility Study & Detail Design of Five Towns (Dukem, Adaba, Woliso, Guder and Chira)
  • Detail Design Review for Assosa Town
  • Feasibility Study for Humera Town
  • Detail Design Review for Nekemt Town Water Supply
  • Detail Design Review for Six Oromia Towns (Bedelle, Agaro, Metehara, Arsi Negelle, Chelenko and Hidabu Abote)
  • Planing & Implementation of Town Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Program for six BGRS Towns (Assosa, Debrezeit, Bullen, Bambasi, Kamashi and Mambuk)
  • Feasibilty Study for Eight Towns Water Supply Project of BGRS (Kotaworkie, Sherkole, Debrezeit, Mankush, Gilgel Beles, Belogiganfoy, Konchie & Agalometi)

Buildings: –The firm designed several buildings as part of its Water Supply and Industrial Expansion projects for various purposes. Building for various Offices, Residences, Stores, Chemical Buildings, Factory Buildings and other buildings were designed and most of them were also constructed under the firm’s close supervision.