Water Resources Study


The firm uses the most recent techniques and software developed in the field to conduct groundwater investigation and study. Remote Sensing, Aerial Photography Interpretation, Field Survey and Geophysical Investigation using various techniques and existing well data analysis are among the techniques used. The following are the main activities for groundwater sources investigations.

  • Geological Study
  • Hydrological Study
  • Hydrogeological Study
  • Well field potential evaluation
  • Well siting
  • Well field design
  • Drilling Supervision
  • Test pumping and
  • Aquifer parameter evaluation

Highly successful ground water potential and well field studies were conducted for various clients invarious projects.

  • Groundwater Investigation and borehole drilling supervision for Bishoftu, Modjo and Ciro Towns
  • Mekelle Groundwater Potential Assessments & Evaluation Project including Deep boreholes drilling supervision
  • Groundwater Investigation for Bereket & Baeker Towns
  • Groundwater Investigation for Humera Town
  • Groundwater Investigation for Seleklekha Town
  • Groundwater Investigation for Five Oromia Towns (Adaba, Dukem, Woliso, Guder&Chira)
  • Groundwater Investigation and borehole drilling supervision for Six Oromia Towns (ArsiNegele, Agaro, Metehara, Bedele, HidabuAbote)
  • Groundwater Investigation for SNNPR Towns (Arbaminch, Sawla, Alaba&Tepi)
  • Ground Water Investigation and borehole drilling supervision for Assosa Town


Hydrogeological Map Borehole Testing

Highly Successful ground water potential and well field studies were conducted for various clients and have augmented the experience of the firm. Successful well field development were also conducted for various clients and at various location in the country among which Bishoftu, Mojo, Holeta, Shambu,Fiche, Sebeta, Agarao and ArsiNegele towns in Oromia Region and Assosa town in Benishangul Gumuz region, are noted here.

 Surface Water Study

Surface water potential study for domestic water supply, Irrigation and Industries is also among the specialties of the firm. In the surface water study emphasis is given to multipurpose use of water. Surface water sources study conducted so far includes:

  • Arera and Tilku Sherkole rivers for Irrigation purpose,
  • Suluh river for Irrigation,
  • Awash river for Metehara Town Water Supply,
  • Dabana river for Bedele Water Supply and,
  • Meqa river for Nekemte Water supply
  • Weito river for Weito Dam study

Design of Dam & Intake Structure

The Study and Design of Dams and Intake Structures are conducted as part of Surface Water Source Development by the Water Resources Department and the projects handled so far include:

  • Feasibility study and Detail Design of Weito Dam (Ongoing)
  • Detail Design of Meqa Rock Fill Dam for Nekemt Town Water Supply Project.
  • Construction Design and Drawing preparation of Gefersa Masonary Concrete Dam for Water Works Construction Enterprise, the contractor.
  • Study and Design of Suluh Masonary Dam for Tigray Water Resource Bureau
  • Design of side intake for Metehara town water supply,
  • Design of grated weir intake for Bedele Town Water Supply,
  • Design of Ogee weir for Sherkole Irrigation Project
  • Broad Crested Weir for Arera Irrigation Project

Subsurface sand dams for Arid areas

The designs of subsurface sand dams were conducted for:

  • Sherkole and Kutawerke Towns,

Design and Supervision for Gravity and Pumped Springs

  • SirbaAbay, Celenqo Towns and Hidhabu Abote Rural and Urban areas.