Irrigation, Drainage and Hydropower Development

DH Consult has nationwide experience and capability to study, plan, design, implement and provide advice on the operation of all types of irrigation and drainage development projects including:

  • Gravity flow Irrigation systems,
  • Pumped and pressurized irrigation systems,
  • Spate and water harvesting systems,
  • Groundwater development schemes, and,
  • Pumped and Gravity Drainage schemes.

The firm has been working on irrigation and drainage projects at all levels, from the source abstraction works to primary and secondary canals to on-farm water management level. The firm’s experience covers all aspects of irrigation and drainage project development from feasibility study, system design, and supervision of construction to advice on operation and maintenance. Some of the major works carried out by the firm related to Irrigation include:

  • Detail design of Anger Irrigation Project (10,000 ha) (ongoing)
  • Feasibility Study and Detail Engineering Design of Suluh Dam and Irrigation Project,
  • In association with the Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise conducted feasibility study of Humera, Gumera and ArjoDhedesa Irrigation Projects,
  • The Feasibility study and detail design for Wolkayit, Megech, GilgelAbay, Rib and Jema Irrigation projects,
  • The Feasibility Study and Design of Bokosa and Dembela dams for Irrigation purpose was conducted with Golder Associates of Canada for Oromia Irrigation Development Authority,
  • Feasibility study and detail design of Arera and TilkuSherkole Irrigation projects,